Update from the Mayor August 3

Child Care Update
August 3, 2018
Council of the Town of Pincher Creek along with our municipal Child Care Committee have been working
with a variety of stakeholders to ultimately provide new daycare facilities and programming for our
It has been a goal of the previous and present councils through our strategic planning
process to address early childhood education and facilities and have made this a high priority.
In early June, Children’s World Daycare board of directors made the decision to cease operations at the end of August 2018. They have served our community for 40 plus years and have operated as a stand
alone not-for- profit society, governed by a volunteer board. Children’s World has operated daycare at two locations, the town administrative building and St. Michaels school. There are lease agreements in place for use of the space.
The Town engaged a consultant to review childcare services in our community in 2016. Planning for the present and future we directed a study of not only town needs but for our surrounding area. Historically
Children’s World has provided service to M.D. of Pincher Creek residents, Piikani and for others such as
Glenwood. We received a report documenting a wide variety of information and comments from
stakeholders and citizens. This report is available for your information on the Town of Pincher Creek
The vision for the Childcare Committee is to provide world class early childhood care and education
along with new day care facilities designe
d to meet the present and future needs of our community.
When Children’s World Day Care announced that they would be closing, the council for the Town of
Pincher Creek committed to having childcare services in place by September 4, 2018. This is a tight schedule, and everyone has been working diligently to meet this commitment.
The following steps have been taken to date to meet our September 4th commitment:
Contracted a child care professional to plan, coordinate and liase with all stakeholders including daycare licensing and Alberta Health Services
Negotiate space at St. Michael’s School for infant and childcare
Ordered equipment and supplies for the new facility
Decision was made to not use Town hall site due to operating logistics
Negotiated with a licensed childcare provider, Hand in Hand Child care, to run St. Michael’s daycare under contract on an interim basis
Working with Canyon daycare to increase spaces at their facility
Set up a not-for-profit municipal corporation to operate under the name of Pincher Creek
Community Early Learning Centre
Council appointed an initial board of directors including community members to the new
Advertising for daycare director and staff, with interviews scheduled
Authorized funding from day care reserve budget for equipment purchases, wages and expenses
Hosted an Early Childhood Career information event 2 August 2018
All necessary items needed to operate have been identified. For example; phones, computers, software
programs, insurance, inspections and licensing to name a few
. Authorization is in place to procure
goods and services as required.
The above actions are directly related to having adequate childcare spaces available by 4 September 2018. This contract arrangement will be a short-term solution.
Town Council is committed to finding solutions for adequate childcare and facilities in our community.
We know that we have lost residents and also opportunities to have young families to move to Pincher
Creek because of the lack of quality,
accessible and affordable spaces and options available. The closing of Children’s World has indeed reinforced the critical need of childcare options and facilities. We view childcare as an essential service for many families in our community as well as an economic
development tool to attract businesses and families to Pincher Creek. We are currently working
together with several stakeholders to upgrade facilities and programming.
Negotiating with Holy Spirit Catholic School Board to provide land at St. Michaels school for a
stand alone daycare / after school care facility
Negotiating with Livingstone Range School Division to provide land at Canyon School for a stand
alone/after school care facility
Developing space requirements, floor plans and site plans for both facilities
Created a not for profit municipal corporation that will eventually oversee and run both daycare
centres as an operating board
Working with provincial daycare licensing and Alberta health to address requirements of
facilities and programming as we move forward
Childcare professional consultant is working with the group to coordinate activities as required
As you can see, we are moving ahead and have collaborated with a large number of individuals and organizations beneficial to the community as we reach our goal of new facilities and programming.
Families will have a one stop solution to daycare, afterschool and school programs
A co-operative model with the school boards with their input into programming and location
A community driven board with proper checks and balances
Stable funding and support from the community
Continues to serve the needs of the community as a whole
Opportunity for higher standard of education for childcare professionals in a rural community
View facilities designed to enhance and support world class daycare
The benefit of $25.00 a day daycare for a substantial number of spaces
We are looking forward to a meeting with Provincial officials as there are several identified issues that
we need to be discussed at the Provincial level. Even though we have been in the process of developing
a new day care space it has been most recently
that we have arrived at the point where we have the
proper protocols and information in place to give Council direction and authority to move ahead.
We will keep you informed about new developments. Updates will be posted on our website and the
normal communication channels.
Mayor Don Anderberg
Chair Pincher Creek Child Care Committee
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